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Laundry Drama

Laundry Drama:

I made the mistake of trying to wash on Delicate Cycle the bathroom mats. Apparently we’ve had them long enough to where they’re brittle and the rubber grip bottom started falling apart in the washing machine. Must’ve had something to do with the washing machine’s agitator.

Long story short loose pieces of carpet and pieces of rubber lined the washing machine as if it exploded. IĀ freaked out initially worried that it was going to clog up the washing machine and break it, costing money in repairs. I pulled it from the washer and stupidly stuck it in the dryer (air dry only, but still another nightmare as it further crumbled and had the stink of warm rubber).

I stopped the washing machine. Advanced it to the Spin Cycle so it would empty out the water fast…w/all the pieces of rubber and carpet material it filled, as you’d imagine, the lint trap quite fast so I swapped in a new lint trap. Then refilled the washer with two more full loads of water (Large Load, not Super), and like before, advanced to spin cycle to force all the crud out fast so it didn’t have time to sit around too long. It appeared to work.

Afterward I cleaned the debris from inside the dryer and did some vacuuming. Trying to get whatever I could reach with the vacuum attachments. Got some, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Still, the dryer appears to be OK, too.

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