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Want to balance the budget and get rid of our National Debt?

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Want to balance the budget and get rid of our National Debt?.

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Want to balance the budget and get rid of our National Debt?

March 12, 2013 1 comment

Want to balance the budget and get rid of our National Debt?

Cut Govt Employees by 75%, cancel all pork projects, freeze all Govt Salaries, then reduce all salaries to near minimum wage, and freeze payment of salaries completely for every day there isn’t a Budget, pull our military out of all foreign countries and station them on our borders, repeal Obamacare entirely, cap all govt salaries at $50k/year and staffers’ salaries at $35k/year, Fire Obama and his Cabinet, fire all the Czars, fire all pages/admin assistants so politicians can get back to actually doing their job they were hired for, cancel all the extravagant $50k/plate fundraisers, fire Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and both Speakers, Bernanke and replace them all, terminate all Govt employee benefits 3 years after the end of their service (let them switch to COBRA thereafter), set term limits for all Govt jobs to a max of 4 yrs (then they have to get a real job), simplify the tax code, take some of the remaining staff in the Govt and make a team dedicating to shaving down all paperwork and tax codes so it can be understood by any American and takes 1/4 the amount of pieces of paper, switch from multi-lingual documentation to solely English, cease all Foreign Aid outside the USA for the forseeable future, disband the Dept of Education (or Propaganda) and we can probably end the Deficit in 3 years.  Then, pay China back for all the debt they carried for us so we’re no longer beholden to anyone but ourselves.

Laundry Drama

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Laundry Drama:

I made the mistake of trying to wash on Delicate Cycle the bathroom mats. Apparently we’ve had them long enough to where they’re brittle and the rubber grip bottom started falling apart in the washing machine. Must’ve had something to do with the washing machine’s agitator.

Long story short loose pieces of carpet and pieces of rubber lined the washing machine as if it exploded. I freaked out initially worried that it was going to clog up the washing machine and break it, costing money in repairs. I pulled it from the washer and stupidly stuck it in the dryer (air dry only, but still another nightmare as it further crumbled and had the stink of warm rubber).

I stopped the washing machine. Advanced it to the Spin Cycle so it would empty out the water fast…w/all the pieces of rubber and carpet material it filled, as you’d imagine, the lint trap quite fast so I swapped in a new lint trap. Then refilled the washer with two more full loads of water (Large Load, not Super), and like before, advanced to spin cycle to force all the crud out fast so it didn’t have time to sit around too long. It appeared to work.

Afterward I cleaned the debris from inside the dryer and did some vacuuming. Trying to get whatever I could reach with the vacuum attachments. Got some, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Still, the dryer appears to be OK, too.

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So contrary to what people say, Macs ARE in face, upgradable.  They have been for years.  Actually, technically, they’ve been upgradable since the first MacSE.  Granted it was a single type of interface card upgrade, it was an upgrade.  The main difference between Mac upgrades and Windows-Based PC upgrades is the number of things you can swap out.   For example, for a while there you could install Mac CPU upgrades, and you actually still can if you can still find a vendor out there to buy from.

On many Macs you generally will replace only the Optical (CD/DVD) Drive, Hard Drive, RAM memory, Video Card, Audio Card or Modem

On the Windows platform, it’s commonplace to gut everything from the computer, replacing any of the above-mentioned components to also replacing the power supply and the  Motherboard!

Both are great hardware-wise, but the disadvantage to being so open as the PC Platform is there is such a large number of hardware providers that mixing and matching can result in numerous hardware conflicts.  It’s hard for any one manufacturer to be fully compatible and stable with a slew of other manufacturers.  On the Apple platform most of everything hardware-wise is managed by Apple, a single company.  It uses 3rd party parts, but focuses on those it has tested to work with one another for the best possible performance and stability.  Limit the options for upgrade, and effectively increase stability and reliability.

I may update this further as time permits.  I’m sure there’s more stuff I can think of to say about this topic.

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