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I Won An Apple!!!

Now isn’t this the strangest radio contest ever?!

I was listening to 107.7 The Bone, and they were doing a contest.  

In an attempt to ride the wave of Apple announcements (new iPhone 5, new iPods, etc) they decided to give away Apples.  The radio station claims that they can’t afford to give away Apple devices as prizes, but that sounds like bunk.  LOL  What radio station gives prizes for anything less than the value of concert tickets!?  They say it is in fact the kind you eat (so maybe Granny Smith or Red Delicious apple).


They collected my contact info and told me the earliest I could pick it up would be this Thursday.  I made arrangements for a friend to pick it up for me.  That’s the other thing…you could probably pick up a load of apples form a local farmers market in SF.  Why the delay? Why wait until Thursday to pick it up?

This is cracking me up.  I hope they’re really pulling my leg, and that they’re actually giving away an Apple consumer device, but who knows?!  If it really is just an apple, the kind you eat, then it could potentially make the radio station look bad.  Sure it’s a cute idea, but I mean, if you  run a radio station and dedicate the resources to doing a full-fledged contests where listeners have to call in and be Caller # such-and-such, is it really worth it to force your listeners to make the effort to come all the way down to their studio for an apple? And if you’re taking public transit it’s going to cost more for you to get to the studio than the value of the apple?!

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