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Needy, or Greedy?

Was coming out of BART in Oakland a couple weeks ago and was with a friend. We were approached by a beggar who kept asking for a handout. My friend informed him she didn’t have anything but he badgered her, insisting she must have something. She dug around her purse and found a bit of change (which is what she actually had on her at the time; I hadn’t intended to give him anything to begin with) and handed it to the beggar. He essentially spat on the gesture and as we were walking away he tossed the change on the ground.

Seriously dude? Really?! Granted it’s not near enough for you to buy more booze, drugs, cigs or give you enough to make begging a full time job, but still. Be appreciative of ANY generosity people show you. They’ll give what they can, but you’re not the only one experiencing hard times.

After he tossed her change back I took a moment to pick it back up. No way was I going to let that change go to waste. Picked up the change and gave it back to my friend.

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