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Obama Caught Fundraising… May Be Illegal

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Obama Caught Fundraising… May Be Illegal.

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Total Flop: Obamas Wedding Registry Fundraising Idea

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Total Flop: Obamas Wedding Registry Fundraising Idea.

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What a way to start a morning.

July 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Geeeez.  I get up this morning, nuke myself a cup of coffee, retrieve the coffee from the microwave and find a dead moth, face-planted in my coffee.  Not sure where or when the critter tried to get his caffeine fix, but by his face-planted body I could tell he was dead.  What a way to start a morning.  Time to restart my day with a fresh cup of coffee!

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Apple Platforms Closing on Parity with Windows for the First Time | Top Tech News

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Who Let the Dogs Out? WoofWoofWoofWoof! (photos)

July 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow, neighbor’s dog and a dog they were dog-sitting went stir crazy from the sounds of early fireworks. Poor dogs were left home alone. They tore up neighbor’s garage, broke through two fence boards between our properties, raced to the other side of our yard, tore up part of our gate, and then broke through two more fence boards. By the time I checked what was going on, both dogs were nearly out of our yard. I momentarily had them “trapped” in my yard, but the Neighbor’s dog made it past me and made a break for it. I managed to get the visiting dog though. 

Thankfully the visiting dog had a name tag on her collar and through it we found out whose dogs these were. Neighbor had to come home from the baseball game early to retrieve the escapee dogs. 

Hopefully he’ll be able to keep the dogs calm over the next several days through the darn fireworks and the idiots who have been setting off M80s on and off in the neighborhood.

This is probably the 3rd instance where neighbor’s dogs had made a break for it and wandered down the streets. LOL An interesting turn of events.

You can guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Working with another neighbor from down the street (who does fencing for a living) to get the fences repaired.ImageImage

Mis-Advertising on the Home Shopping Network

July 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Something funny came to mind…a recollection of sorts…
I was watching something like Home Shopping Network. They were selling Star Wars prints. They obviously had a Taun-Taun there but the morons kept calling it a Wompa. And apparently nobody in the studio knew better. So what did I do? What any self-respecting Star Wars “fan” would do: Call up the number and attempt to reach them live.
Too bad I didn’t get past their “screeners”. I explained to them their error. They were obviously disinterested, and promptly hung up on me. The nerve!
Next time I should fawn and rave over their product and tell them I bought five of whatever they’re selling and wanted to gush about the product. Then maybe they’ll let me on.
 Lesson to those hocking products:  Know your product so your customers will have trust in what you have to sell.