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Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddy-Os!

Wishing you a happy Fathers Day weekend!  Fathers REPRESENT!

I’m always big on giving props to Fathers because I think they’re often the unsung heroes.  Sure, Moms are awesome and a necessity but Dads are necessary too!  

I think so often you hear in the media about deadbeat dads and how men culturally are becoming effeminate.  It’s true to some extent.  Well that’s in part because of how today’s culture treats men.  They don’t want men to act like men anymore.  But what good is that?!  The result of that kind of “programming” is you end up with everybody acting like women.  That leads to women getting ticked off because they can no longer find a good man any more…a real man.  Society/culture seems to want to make us all touchy-feely.  Being in touch with one’s emotions is one thing, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your manhood in the process.  Those who still fix things around the house with tools, those who still work on restoring their cars, the men who can BBQ a Brontosaurus steak and fix any of their kids boo boos, those are the Fathers/Dads that I speak of.

How are we celebrating?

Saturday:  Swimming at a local gem, Cull Canyon, and for snacks have fruit and veggies (grapes, sliced apples, carrot sticks) as well as wheat thins. Plenty of water for beverages.  Relaxing the rest of the day.  Maybe a nap.

Sunday:  Watch the movie, Men In Black 3, eat Pizza from Pizza Express for Dinner, and have Dutch Apple Crunch Pie for dessert with ice cream.  Open card and gifts.  Since my stepdad dad doesn’t read blogs or do social networking like Facebook or Twitter, it’s safe for me to share with y’all what I got him.  For the ‘prank gift’ got a couple Hot Wheels cars.  A can of whole bean 100% Kona Coffee.  And this nifty base for his iPad 2 that has a joystick and buttons so after connecting the iPad 2 to it, he can play old-school Atari gaming classics like Centipede and Galaga!  

So here’s to you, all you manly-men Fathers/Dads!  Happy Fathers Day! 

And mad props to my biological Dad, up above.

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