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Taxes Bite!

Taxes are necessary to help pay for basic necessities at State government level. To help pay for infrastructure and repair roads and bridges.


I’m all for paying my fair share of taxes, being a US Citizen. It’s part of our responsibility. Just irritating as all get-out when politicians hike up taxes because of their failure to balance a budget. Sales tax is 9.75%. In some cities it’s up as high as 10.25%. It’s bad enough you lose at least 40% of your salary to taxes. If you’re paying 10.25% sales tax when you buy food, plus all the miscellaneous taxes and hidden fees from everyday life, it adds up! Before you know it, the average person barely has enough to cover rent and utilities. Some can’t even afford that! Just look at the 25% Unemployment Rate in the USA (this factors in all those who’ve stopped earning unemployment insurance and have given up or mometarily stopped looking for work, but who drop off the radar in the Fed’l Govt’s view and statistics-gathering).


That said, it’s high time to lop government employees salaries (those making $75k and above) in half. If they can’t do what the average household can, i.e. make and balance a budget, they should either be fired (since they aren’t doing their job, what they were hired to do) or they should get a 50% pay cut. Since they can’t seem to get anything done efficiently, they should get a pay cut. Cut State Govt and Fed’l Govt in half staffing-wise and you’ll find soon enough the people who want to keep their job and work their ass off. You need redundancy, but not so much in Govt; you can do with 2x redundancy, but you don’t need 15x redundancy. You can replace maybe 20 Govt employees with one Govt employee with a current computer (not bleeding edge, but maybe 1-2 years old, max).


For all the staff you let go and give the pink slip, they can find jobs in construction, helping fix the roads and filling potholes (so its citizens don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in car repair bills). Others can find jobs as farmers, or as sanitary engineers. In short, they can get themselves a real job.


During Schwarzenneger’s term as Governor, the State Govt Legislature, which is heavily Democrat, sent the # of new State Govt employees soaring, doubling the amount of headcount in govt. For what reason? It’s still unclear. While Schwarzenneger was pushing to cut spending and cut the increase in Govt waste, the California Legislature did the opposite, effectively doubling California’s red tape.


Now that Jerry Brown (career politician) is back in power, taxes will skyrocket. There’s no sign of Jerry Brown cutting State staff in half (to return to pre-Schwarzenneger State staff levels). Face it, Jerry Brown likes pork fat projects and red tape. He likes threatening the Police and Fire Departments and schools and making huge cuts in their programs. Thanks to Obama’s push for electric cars and everything else electric (a failed technology, which has yet to be proven, since nobody’s being an adult enough to address how on earth we’re to recycle the batteries from cars long-term and nobody’s facing the reality our cars will be plugged into the AC the majority of the time), in Obama’s words, “utility prices will necessarily skyrocket”. This is why gas-based cars and motorcycles will continue to be the dominant form of transportation. Gas prices are on the rise, public transportation is expensive and barely affordable, and public transit services are being cut roughly every six months. All the while, what used to be 10-15 min waits between buses and trains now are 30-60 min waits. And it costs an arm and a leg to use and get to Greyhound and Amtrak.

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