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Regarding Location Based Apps…

There’s a slew of new apps and websites that post updates on locations you visit, including local restaurants and venues.  Facebook is no exception.


Though I can see the benefits of such a service, I’m generally not enthused about Facebook’s new “feature” to track the current location where you’re updating your status from.


It can easily be abused and is another way for others to know when it’s opportune to burglarize your home or where & when they can jump you.


E.G.   “So-and-So is at ‘A Dark Alley [San Francisco, CA]'”


Use this “feature” with caution if you choose to use it.  The key is to use common sense and be mindful of what you decide to share with “the world”; i.e. the more “details/specifics” you share, the greater potential threat.

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