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More reasons why I don’t think 9/11 was a hoax…

There are lots of rumors and conspiracy theories out there saying that 9/11 was some elaborate hoax and that it was some scheme by the Bush Administration.  


I haven’t seen or heard enough evidence to convince me:


1)  For starters, you hear most every day in the news that terrorists are killing our boys and girls in the Middle East.  


2) If they weren’t out to kill Americans and terrorize the US, don’t you think they’d stop fighting, put down their guns and say, hey, let’s set aside our guns, sit down at a table, grab a beer and talk this out? Why do they continue to take ownership these days for all the recent terrorist attacks around the world?


3) If it were fake, then the Mass Media, which is 95% anti-Bush Administration would’ve jumped at the chance to do everything to discredit Bush and do all they could to impeach him for Treason.  


4)  Mass Media is known for Bush-bashing, and claiming he’s stupid / ignorant as Dan Quayle.  In order to execute such an elaborate plan, Mass Media would have to admit Bush is intelligent, something they never do.

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