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Telemarketers, Politicians: They’re All a Waste of My Time!

Many of life’s issues involve getting numerous calls from telemarketers and political campaigns. Things I do, which you may already be doing, which I find helpful include:

1. There should be both a phone and internet version of the do-not-call list. Federal programs. I think the phone is literally 1-800-DO-NOT-CALL and internet is http://www.donotcall.com or something like that. These last for approximately 2-3 yrs.  So don’t forget to renew them when they’re going to expire or once they’ve expired.  As I understand if you answer their call you should make it clear that you wish to be added to their Do Not Call List, and once you’ve repeated this two or three times you have the legal right to file a case against them in Small Claims Court (how that process takes place I don’t exactly know), but because this Do Not Call List is a Law, you will automatically win the case and I think the fine is $250.  I believe, since it’s small claims court, you wouldn’t require a Laywer to represent you.

2. On my home phone service package, I have CallerID enabled. And I have my phone number blocked. And I have my number in the phone book configured to be as dull and bland and non-specific as possible.

3. I screen ALL calls through the answering machine. Thus, anything of real/true importance someone will be mindful enough and have the common sense to leave a message. I can always pick up the phone while they’re leaving it. And sometimes, if a particular, unrecognized number keeps calling, should you decide to answer it from sheer curiosity, once you have determined who it is, hang up immediately if it’s garbage. Then, program that phone number into your phone’s “Phone Book” and name it something like “Junk Mail” or “Telemarketer”. That way, whenever that # calls again, it’ll be labeled that. Some phone systems even read aloud who is listed in the “CallerID”.

Hope some of this is useful to you!

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