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LinkedIn and Google+ Users: Reset your Passwords Immediately!

LinkedIn (Job Search Networking Site) and Google+ (Social Networking) Users:  Reset your Passwords Immediately!

Here’s a link to a story about what’s going on:

6.5 million LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked onlinenews.cnet.comA hacker says he’s posted 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords on the Web — hot on the heels of security researchers’ warnings about privacy issues with LinkedIn’s iOS app. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Security & Privacy.

There’s been a leak or break in on LinkedIn’s site.  6.5 Million User Accounts compromised, or specifically passwords were captured.  It’s said in time computer crackers will work to reverse engineer with the use of the passwords to find a way into individuals’ user accounts.

There’s also security issues Google is looking into.  To be honest I actually spent a lot more time looking into the LinkedIn issues more than the Google, but that doesn’t mean the Google issue is any less important.  

The point is, you should seriously reset your passwords for both services.  As inconvenient as it may be, make a “Strong” and Secure password.  Make it alphanumeric (containing letters and numbers) and when possible include at least one or more numbers and or special characters.  Use the particular site’s guidelines for coming up with a password.

There are occasionally so-called “Trusted Sites” and 3rd Party sites that claim to help you check to see if your account’s been compromised.  Don’t waste your time on them.  Simply save yourself the hassle and reset your password on both these services.

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