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A Rant of Epic Proportions (may need to cover your ears and eyes, Viewer Discretion is Advised)

I’m so fricken irritated with these idiotic politicians! Vote NO for ALL current and future Propositions and Taxes and Measures and Bonds asking for money on the Ballot. Us taxpayers would like to keep our own money for once!

Every time they claim to be taxing cigarette companies to fund cancer research, politicians aren’t allocating money as designed. Instead they’re going out on vacations to Vegas and Hawaii. This is unacceptable! If they need more money, cut all Govt Jobs IN HALF! Cancel and eliminate 95% of all Govt Vacations and Expenditures. Stop unnecessary wastes of money like the Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary Party, etc. And apply the money to what really matters, supporting the Fire Dept, Police, fixing/rebuilding/creating INFRASTRUCTURE, and supporting the truly needy (handicapped, deaf/blind, the unemployed/underemployed). Cap ALL Govt Salaries at $45k/yr and cut all benefits and severance packages in half. President should be maybe $60k/yr and Vice President $50k/yr. Speaker of the House, Majority Leader and Minority leader should each make $1k/yr since all they do is talk and not read Bills they have drafted for them. Politicians are supposed to be working for the US Citizens, so they should make what the average citizen should make, if not Far Less. Note that my salary recommendations are on the high end of the salary range and really should be much lower. After all, the plus to working in govt is better benefits than you’d get from the private sector. But no more overly abundant benefits. You work for us, so start doing some REAL WORK!

If they have 12 holidays off every year, cut that down to 6 major holidays off every year. Reduce all Govt Golden Parachutes to Silver Parachutes, and when possible Bronze Parachutes. Ideally, let em free fall without a Parachute. Then maybe they’ll understand what it feels like to apply for County Assistance or Welfare; they could use some humble pie.

Politicians and Unions are so freakin’ communistic, monopolistic, insane idiots they don’t even have a clue! Granted the GOP is almost as bad as the DNC, but at least the GOP spends/wastes about half the money the DNC does on meaningless crap we never intended our money to be spent on.

And what gets my goat, and my pig, and my cow, and my grapes, my ethereal Unicorn, is … they harp and put down Christianity left and right, and we all try and do our part to help, and when we do, we NEVER get any thanks. Those self-righteous, asinine, self-absorbed corrupt politicians don’t even thank us when we pay their way to useless off-site meetings, excursions and taxpayer-paid vacations! Notice how they never THANK anyone non-govt and non-Union people – of ANY religion or background or private or public agency – for this honor?! Noooooo! Instead they just keep asking for more, keep taxing us more. They spit and kick dirt in the faces of the Taxpayer, the people who are stupidly paying their cushy salaries and cushy healthcare plans!

If you want to tax someone, cease taxing the middle class and instead tax all of Hollywood and tax all of the Politicians. Renew the Bush Tax Cuts, Impose a 75% tax on everybody in Govt making over $45k annually. Set a cap of 4 Yrs service for any Govt position, no matter the rank. At 4 yrs you’ll have the option to apply for re-election, and have the chance to work 4 more yrs. The final cap is a total of 8 yrs in ANY govt position. Once you have done your 8 yrs, you get booted out of Govt work permanently and have to work for a non-profit, as a volunteer for some organization, do community service, work for a private sector company, work cleaning trash along the freeways and highways or work in agriculture on the farms, work in the coal mines (because you need something to power your electric “green” initiatives), work as a crab or tuna fisherman (so you can feel what it’s like to work in a real job), or you have to go move to Michigan and rejuvenate the US Auto Industry so we stand a chance against foreign auto companies.

If you’re Obama and if you’re Warren Buffet and you love the fricken Govt so much, how about you apply your salaries to paying off the National Debt.? There’s no rule or law saying you can’t! So why don’t YOU take your own advice and put your money where your mouth is and pay your fair share of taxes.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

And now, on to our regularly scheduled program…

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