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Shall I take on this next Food Challenge?!

About two years ago, I did a food challenge, whereby I had to eat a 1-lb hamburger (bun and all).  It was at Bub’s Burgers in Indiana.  I ate it with a Strawberry Shake and requested Elk instead of Beef.  Elk is leaner than beef and I’d never had Elk before.  I also did request tomatoes and lettuce because I was concerned it might be too much and too dry.  I managed to finish the entire burger (thankfully there wasn’t a time limit) and I polished it off in approximately 45 minutes.  I even ate a few fries on my companion’s plate.  For my reward, I got a polaroid photo of myself placed on their Wall of Fame!   A shame they didn’t also give you a tshirt.  It was a grand accomplishment and one I’m still proud of.

I’ve watched, on TV, a lot of Man Vs. Food.  Which gets a guy to thinking, “Hey, I could do that challenge!”  And one of the best ones I’ve seen is one at a burger joint either in the Midwest or East Coast where you can actually win a Guitar!  A real one!  So that’s one of the challenges I want to do.

As of late, I’ve been eyeballing this challenge at a local place called Diggers’ Diner.  Let’s see if I can remember all that’s in it.

One double-patty hamburger on Texas Toast (imagine grilled versions of french toast, 3 of them)

One Side Order (I’d likely order a 6pc Jalapeño Poppers)

One Large/Full size order of fries (I like the Sweet Potato Fries, but think perhaps standard Russet Potatoes might be less filling/starchy)

One small bowl of fruit

One large Milkshake

One 6pc order of Deep Fried Oreo cookies

There may or may not be a seventh item.

You must finish everything in 30 Minutes!  If you do, you get your photo on the Wall of Fame, a Tshirt, and your meal you just ate is paid for.

If you fail, then you get your photo on the Wall of Shame, and you shell out the money to cover the expenses (approximately $30!)

In an informal test, I timed myself eating a Mushroom, Bacon Swiss Burger with a Large/Full order of Sweet Potato Fries and 1.25-1.5 glasses of water.  Took me 15 minutes, 49 seconds.  I’m thinking I stand a chance, but it will be tight, no matter what.  The fruit and shake I’m not too worried about, but the Deep Fried Oreos and the Texas Toast in the burger, combined w/the Full order of fries might do me in.  I think switching the fries to standard instead of my favorite, Sweet Potato Fries, might possibly cut down on the starch/carb content, but I can’t be sure.  And instead of water I’ll probably just have the shake.  During my test, I had two containers of dressing (Ranch, and Blue Cheese) for dipping my fries into.  I think I’ll have to skip the dressings entirely; as I was doing a test run all I could think while looking at my dips is “fat”, “filling”.  Perhaps I was psyching myself out.  Jalapeño Poppers should go down rather fast and I’d likely save the Deep Fried Oreos and fruit till towards the end in the hopes the fruit will cut the deep fried flavor and richness of the oreos.

As of today, I’m still on the fence on whether to do it.  Major Pro is bragging rights of being among the 3-4 people who’ve succeeded (compared with the 8-10 who’ve failed), but what weighs down most on my mind is just HOW FULL I will be once it’s over (may need a wheelbarrow ready to roll me out) PLUS and more importantly being out $30 !!!

Have any of you done food challenges? How have you fared? Do you have any Pro Tips for this guy?

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