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Progress, Bad Taste, or just my Bad Luck

Notice how as time goes by, mens’ shoes, particularly tennis shoes and court shoes look more and more ridiculous.

Nearly gone are the days when you could get a good quality, decent pair of shoes that aren’t all “wacked out”, looking like someone taking drugs designed your shoes.  I have been a fan of Converse shoes (Nike lost me long ago, and New Balance tends to be overpriced like Nike).  Converse used to have such a good, basic, reliable shoe.

Notice how tough it is these days to find shoes with breathing holes? It’s as though shoemakers want your feet to suffocate and get all sweaty and smelly.  Granted, one could argue this is a goal to help 3rd parties get business.  Gold Bond, Arm & Hammer, Baking Soda and Athlete’s Foot Products might have deals with shoe companies these days.  I know some shoes are now designed with a mesh style material.  Thing is, I hate that look and design.

Plus, shoemakers are increasingly slapping plastic crap all over their shoes.  I’ve got news for ya, plastic isn’t very flexible.  That’s why shoes generally have rubber soles!  Further, they slap all kinds of bizarre, and dare I say ugly, colors and designs.  I know there’s probably someone out there who actually finds such a thing attractive…it simply means they’re losing business with me.  That’s their choice.  If they want to appeal to their colorblind customers who like cheap-looking garbage that only lasts a year, so be it.

Finally, I despise the way soles are designed these days, where it wears through so fast when you’re walking, running and jogging.  Yes, part of it is due to the fact city sidewalks aren’t taken care of and increased construction work results in uneven surfaces and lots of gravel and rock surfaces.  But once it wears down to a certain point you’re already finding holes in the heels of your shoes.  My guess is the air pockets are meant as some sort of cushion when your feet make contact with the ground, but I figure there must be some way to make it a solid block of material that gives adequate cushion and support yet also is slow to wear.  With today’s shoes, once you wear the heel down enough to reveal holes, the shoes are virtually useless, especially on rainy days.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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