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A Glimpse of Nature’s Beauty

Four squirrels walk into a bar…. just kidding.  But seriously folks, isn’t nature Grand?!

I saw the most amazing thing the other day.  I couldn’t have planned it.  I looked outside the window to witness not one, but two squirrels.  They were across the street at a neighbor’s roof, racing up and down and along the lawn. They’re playing and such and running about as squirrels do.  But then the coolest thing happens.

I’m thinking to myself, how can this get any better.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they came closer?!  And wouldn’t you know it, they did!  Soon, two squirrels became three, and three became four, virtually out of nowhere!  Never before have I seen so many squirrels in one place at one time.  And all the while I’m thinking they’ve gotta be playing with each other.  I suppose on a deeper level it might be some sort of turf war between the straight hairs and the spotted.

They’re racing about, playing, as I said, and for that one moment of time, life felt so right.  This is one of those “stop and smell the roses” moments.

You might be asking, “Where’s the video?! Where’s the pictures? We want to see!”  Regretfully, there are none.  Whenever I try and get pictures or video, I either am a bit too clumsy in my haste and accidentally tap the window, which startles them, sending them scurrying, or I slowly try and open the window or door quietly and that startles them.  Whenever trying to capture such moments, I’m often having to take the pictures or video through both a window and a window screen, which isn’t near as ideal as being nearby without anything obstructing the view.  Suffice it to say, I should’ve given it a try anyway.

Moral to the story:  Nature rocks.  Big time.  And that it never hurts to genuinely try something, really try.  Not just fake try, but truly try.  Make an effort to accomplish something you’ve always wanted.  Who knows? You may surprise yourself at what you’re capable of accomplishing.

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