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Rants, Raves, and Errors – Oh My!

To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account on wymanwlew to connect with your Facebook account.

Click the link below to go to Facebook. You will need to log in and click allowFacebook Page accounts must have a corresponding Profile at this time.

Authorize connection with Facebook

To enable Publicize: LinkedIn, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account on wymanwlew to connect with your LinkedIn account.

Authorize connection with LinkedIn

To enable Publicize: Messenger Connect, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account on wymanwlew to connect with your Messenger Connect account.

Authorize connection with Messenger Connect

Is what I’m faced with whenever I try and use WordPress’ PUBLICIZE.  

It could very well be that in being so new to the blog technical side of things, the behind the scenes action, that the issue is with me:  PIBKAS (Problem Is Between Keyboard And Screen).  I’ve attempted to Authorize several times, to no avail.  Keeps giving me errors that there simply was an error that occurred and nothing more.

My goal is to find a simple way to auto-post from WordPress to other major networking sites:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and ideally also to Google+ and to wherever else I wish to post to).

Consolidation is necessary and I don’t have the time to log into and manually re-post the same things and have to manually re-format and re-edit my content for all the other sites (e.g. Twitter has a text limitation of 120 or 140 characters).  Facebook on the other hand has much more leeway.  I think they cap out at around 450-500 characters.  Google+ is like Facebook from what I’ve seen.  And MySpace, I rarely use and am thinking about dropping, though it wouldn’t hurt to have a Publicize to MySpace option, just in case.

Thus far, the only thing close to a workaround I’ve found is to publicize as I finish composing a new Press.  I will click “Publish Post” as I’m about to do now, and in the next one or two screens it’ll allow me to preview my post and then click any of 3 links:  Press This (which so far I find redundant because I’m already posting this in WordPress, and what’s the point of adding a duplicate entry into my blog of the same name but with only a link inside?!), Post to Twitter and Post to Facebook.  Short of manually re-posting to all other networks manually, this looks like my best solution.

I guess my next step is to contact WordPress Tech Support, in some hope of assistance.  The people running this site and those using this site seem nice enough.

Yes, my friends, even tech support people contact tech support.  One thing you can be sure/certain of in the world is that there is ALWAYS someone smarter than you.  So don’t go having delusions of grandeur.  Yes, that means you, Self.  

Yes, so you can always be certain there’ll always be someone smarter than you (so take advantage of others’ knowledge; it will take you far.  People like to share.  And on the same token, share your knowledge!  Win Win!).  Other certain things in life include taxes, death, and the fact both Newspapers and TV are dying mediums.  But then, you already knew that.

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