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Memorial Day – Remembrance, Giving Honor, Doing Yardwork, Eating Food

This is a day late, I know, but I wanted to take a moment of silence to honor those serving our country, the good ole US of A.  Those departed, those active, reservists and those serving in the future.

As for what I did? I’m honestly not all that good at BBQ’ing.  I enjoy it, particularly cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and wrapping up corn on the cob and on occasion whole potatoes and roasting them at the bottom of the BBQ.

Instead, we had Tacos and Burritos.  LOL  Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t the Hotdogs and Corn I was salivating over, but that’ll probably be tonight’s or tomorrow’s dinner instead.  I have to say, two burritos and three tacos later, I’m satisfied.  Top it off with a grand dessert of Angel Food Cake (in celebration of all the “angels” who’ve served our country), complete with canned fruit cocktail, fresh strawberries (sweetened in sugar water) and dried blueberries and I literally had in one bowl the red, white and blue!

What did I do to deserve this?  I did yard work – a full five hours straight.

– Mowed front and back yards (keeping a sharp, professional appearance)

– weeded around the house (getting rid of that which saps your energy, your passion)

– put down Round Up Poison as needed (putting aside what doesn’t matter or what gets in your way, moving forward through hurdles and walls)

– tried to instill passion and desire and positive reinforcement in the Petunia seeds that haven’t yet started growing in the front planter (motivating others to succeed)

– swept up into the dustpan a lot of dirt/gravel that had accumulated in the front curb by where the car’s parked.  (cleaning out the dirt from your life and starting each day with a clean slate)

– trimmed the big lily plant (speaking of which I should probably take some pics of it) to promote growth from new stalks (renewing oneself, growing, learning)

– pruned back 3 of the side-neighbor’s trees.  They were overhanging the property line by approximately two feet. (maintaining organization, balance in one’s life)

– bagging the scraps of branches and leaves and dirt, filling two-and-a-half large, green yard trash bags.

– putting out 12 American flags out on the front lawn and side strip (3 medium-sized, 9 small)

Happy Memorial Day to those who have served, those who serve now, and those who will serve.  To you, and for your sacrifices, I salute you.

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